We are able to provide your organization with a Raffle License with a total ticket value $10,000 and less.

In Alberta, only eligible charitable or religious organizations that have been issued a license are allowed to conduct raffle events. The Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission determines eligibility for a raffle; however, the method in which licenses are issued is based on total ticket value.

The cost for a license is $ 21.00.

We will need the following information from your organization to issue the license:

-Organization’s name, address & phone number

-Raffle Chairperson’s name & address

-Where & when is the draw date(s)

-What is the prize(s), what is the value of the prize(s)

-How many tickets are being printed, what color and what value are they

(eg: 100 tickets @ $1ea)

-If there are multiple tickets/ ticket types being offered, there must be a different color & series printed for these. (eg: 3 for $5)

-How the proceeds of the raffle being used

If your organization has not been approved yet for a Raffle License we also have the application and eligibility requirements at our office.