1. Bring your identification and proof of ownership of your vehicle (Bill of sale or vehicle registration for Canadian vehicles or title from United States AND your Import Form-if applicable) to Lethbridge Vehicle.

2. Ask the clerk for an Out of Province Inspection Request. This is $ 9.00 and is good for 30 days. You bring this request form to a mechanic authorized to do out-of-province inspections. We can supply you with a list of these approved mechanics.

3. Prices vary for the out-of-province inspection so call around first! Due to new legislation, a wheel alignment may be necessary, the price of this is not always included in the total inspection price.

4.You will receive a vehicle inspection form (with a barcode on the top) from the mechanic, this form is good for 14 days ONLY! If you are not planning to register the vehicle within 14 days of the inspection, bring in the inspection form in to Lethbridge Vehicle and we will enter in the information at no charge.

5. Unless your insurance is inter-provincial (must be proven), you will need to get Alberta insurance. This can be done by looking under Insurance Agents & Brokers. There can be price differences, so shop around!

6. If you are ready to register your vehicle, bring in:

-your vehicle inspection form

-identification / drivers license

-your proof of ownership (bill of sale, registration, title)

-Permission / Authorization Letter. (if under both names).

-Alberta insurance

-If the vehicle is imported please present the original white copy of the import form 1 (with 2 stamps).

-The cost is $93.00 per year for regular vehicle registration

7. If we have your correct address at all times, you will be issued renewal notices for registration renewal, bring these with you for faster service! Current insurance must be shown to renew vehicle registration!