A legal change of name can only be processed in Alberta for residents of Alberta. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, parents may apply on behalf of their children.

There are several reasons you may require a Legal Name change, come in and our staff will help you determine the best way to help you. In some cases, a change or correction to a person’s name does not require a legal change of name and may be changed through an amendment process.
There are no legal requirements to change a name after marriage for a couple being married in Alberta. When a married spouse wishes to use his/her married last name”, which is his/her spouse‚Äôs last name, they may assume just his/her last name or a combination of the two names is optional. This is not a legal change of name.

If your situation does not fall under any of these situations, an application for a legal change of name must be requested. You can get the application forms at Lethbridge Vehicle, once the application is completed, you must bring it back to Lethbridge Vehicle. The cost is $225.

Applications mailed directly to Vital Statistics will be returned unprocessed. Once Vital Statistics approves and processes the legal change of name, a Change of Name Certificate will be mailed to you. The process takes approximately 8 weeks.