Lethbridge Vehicle offers Incorporation Services for Alberta Corporations. This information is provided for your convenience. It is not intended to replace the Business Corporations Act nor is it meant to be an interpretation of this legislation.

Lethbridge Vehicle does not offer legal advise, if you require such, please contact a lawyer, accountant or other professional.
The following forms are required in order to Incorporate:
Articles of Incorporation – if your share structure is larger than 500 characters, we ask that you submit an electronic version (word format) or there will be a charge for typing.
Address of Corporation
Director Information
The cost of an Incorporation is $ 425.00

If you are unsure what information you require in order to Incorporate, we suggest purchasing a Legalese Kit. This kit will help take the guesswork out of incorporating.

Notice of Directors (PDF)

Notice of Address (PDF)

Articles of Incorporation (PDF)