You can pay your fines at Lethbridge Vehicle. We can take payment for a ticket that is not overdue, provided you have the yellow copy, white copy or full page photo radar ticket from the police to surrender to us.

We can also take payments for overdue tickets. These tickets will need to be paid before you can do any motor vehicle services.

For every fine paid out there is a service fee of $9.00. If you pay fines with credit card there is a $1.00 per fine fee as well as an approximate 3% Option Pay Card Load fee.

If you pay your tickets at the Court House or online through , you must bring in your receipts showing the fine # and that payment was confirmed for us to override the charges.

If you need to know how much your tickets are, you have to come in to our office & show ID. We will give you a listing of outstanding tickets. If you have a verified MyAlberta Digital ID, you can look up your tickets online using