Lethbridge Vehicle can not register your boat, you must contact the Registrar at your Port of Registry.

Transport Canada Marine Safety website has all the information needed to help you register a boat. http://www.tc.gc.ca/marinesafety
Change of Ownership and/or Address
A change of ownership must be sent in writing to the Registrar at your ship’s port of registry, and must include the following documents:
Original Bill of Sale to be completed by the seller;
Declaration of Ownership to be completed by the purchaser;
Appointment of an Authorized Representative (if applicable);
Payment of the appropriate fee. Please refer to the Vessels Registry Fees Tariff for information on the costs associated with a change of ownership.
If an original document, such as a Bill of Sale, or a Declaration of Ownership by an interim owner cannot be produced, you must complete a statutory declaration.

For further details contact:

Registry of Vessels

Transport Canada, Marine

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604-666-3293 604-666-4169



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