Antique vehicle registration is a special type of registration for cars, trucks or motorcycles that are considered antique, classic or vintage that are over 25 years of age.

Antique vehicle registration provides certain benefits, such as a reduced registration fee and distinctive license plates.

Alberta also allows the use of vintage license plates for antique cars provided the car is specially registered as an antique vehicle and the issued antique plate and registration are kept inside the vehicle for inspection upon demand by law enforcement. This allows vehicle owners to display the vehicles as they were when first produced.

There are restrictions to antique plates and driving the vehicle is significantly limited. For example, the use of a car registered as an antique is limited to taking part in car club activities, parades, and driving to and from such events, getting maintenance and repairs. You can’t go on a Sunday drive, or take the vehicle to work.There are pros and cons with Antique registration, the lower fees and the vintage plates, but if you can’t stand to see your classic sit longer than it drives, register it as a regular vehicle and drive it whenever you want.