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Vehicle Registry
Vehicle Registration

Lethbridge Vehicle offers all types of vehicle registration. Yearly registration for all passenger license plates is $84.45.

Commercial and Farm registation price varies due to weight.

For new vehicle registration you will need to bring in the following:

1. New Vehicle Information Sheet (NVIS) (only if this is a BRAND NEW Vehicle)

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Out-of-Province / Importing Vehicles


1. Bring your identification and proof of ownership of your vehicle (Bill of sale or vehicle registration for Canadian vehicles or title from United States AND your Import Form-if applicable) to Lethbridge Vehicle.

2. Ask the clerk for an Out of Province Inspection Request. This is $ 9.45 and...
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Commercial Vehicle Registration

Commercial Vehicle registration is dependent on many factors.

Here are a few questions you will need to answer when coming in to register your commercial vehicle.

- Who’s goods are being hauled? The registered owner’s or someone else’s.

-   How far are you hauling? Within 10 km of the point of registration, within Alberta, or into another...
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Antique Vehicles

Antique vehicle registration is a special type of registration for cars, trucks or motorcycles that are considered antique, classic or vintage that are over 25 years of age.

Antique vehicle registration provides certain benefits, such as a reduced registration fee and distinctive license plates.

Alberta also allows the use of vintage license plates for antique cars provided...
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In-transit Permits

To move an unregistered vehicle or trailer from one location to another within Canada, you must purchase an in-transit permit.

This is a temporary registration certificate ONLY, and the vehicle requires insurance in order to be moved. If the vehicle is being moved outside of Alberta you will need to show proof of ownership of the vehicle as well as proof of insurance.

Permits are not... - View

Personalized License Plates

Personalized or Vanity Plates can be ordered through our office. They take 4 to 6 weeks to come in and are sent to your mailing address. If you would like to order the plates as a gift, just let us know & we can re-direct them to our office for pickup.

The maximum number of characters for a car is 7, for a motorcycle the maximum number is 5.

Only letters, numbers... - View

Disabled Placard / License Plates

Disabled parking placard forms are to be completed by your doctor and are available by downloading the form, or at our office.

To qualify, an individual must be unable to walk more than 50 meters. A parking placard and/or disabled license plate enables those with the greatest needs to use specially... - View

Pay FINES on-line

You can pay your outstandine fines HERE. Pay your tickets ONLINE and print the receipt and bring it into us before you process your registration.
We will need to see your receipt on paper in order to override the fine. An electronic copy can not be accepted.


A service charge of $6 will be charged for this service.

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