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Road Tests

Road tests including the GDL Advanced Road Test.
All classes of road tests are offered at Lethbridge Vehicle.
Class 1,2,3,4,5, 5(advanced) road tests are available by appointment and are offered 6 days a week. Class 6 road tests are available from Monday - Friday by appointment only.

Please drop by or phone (403) 329-1193 for an appointment. 

All road tests MUST be paid within 48 hours of booking.
If the exam is not paid & confirmed, your appointment will be forfitted to another client. 
We can take payment in person at our office, or over the phone with a credit card.

The cost of road tests are:

Class 1 - $ 175

Class 2 - $ 135

Class 3 - $ 135

Class 4 $125

Class 5 BASIC $85

Class 5 ADVANCED $125

Class 6 $140    

When going for your road test you must provide the appropriate type of vehicle for a road test.

-Class 1 exam you must provide a tractor-trailer

-Class 2 exam you must provide a bus with a seating capacity exceeding 24 including  the operator

-Class 3 exam you must provide a single motor vehicle having three or more axles.

-Class 4 & 5 exam you must provide any two axle motor vehicle excluding a motorcycle

-Class 6 exam you must provide a motorcycle (if taking the exam on a trike, please inform us at the time of booking)

You are responsible for supplying a suitable vehicle for your road test.
The vehicle must have the following:

·         valid insurance, plates, and registration

·         working signals, horn, speedometer, parking brake, doors, seatbelts, mirrors, etc.

·         safe tires, brakes, steering, fuel, exhaust, etc.

-         enough gas to drive for the duration of the road test (min 1/2 tank)

-         if there is a windshield crack & it obstructs the driver or passenger's view of the road, this vehicle can not be used

The test determines your abilities to:

·         observe & obey the rules of the road and traffic control devices

·         operate the vehicle in reverse

·         maintain speed at proper levels

·         signal, turn, change lanes, etc.

·         parallel and hill parking 

During the road test no pets or passengers (including children) other than the driver examiner are allowed in the vehicle.

Geared to Go a workbook for coaching new drivers is available online or through our office. This is NOT intended to take the place of professional driver training, however it can be used to coach your new driver.


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